Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript Preparation

“Guidelines for Submission Full Paper” – Book Author, 2021

Alexis Press invites the submission of Manuscript that meet the general criteria of excellence and relevance in their subjects. With our clear manuscript guidelines and easy-to-follow checklists, submitting your finished work couldn’t be easier. Once your final manuscript is submitted, our team of experts will guide your project through formatting and type setting to transform your work into a book in two powerful formats: eBook, Print Book.

Authors are requested to submit the full manuscript/chapter(Paper) (with abstracts not exceeding 300 words with at least three keywords and not more than six keywords, in MS word document, Times New Roman with 12 font size. The length of paper should be 5 to 10 pages. The Title should be 14-point bold Capital. Author’s name (designation, affiliation, and Contact No. etc.) should be 10-point italic) which should not exceed in between 3000 words in A4 size with one and half spacing with a margin of 1″ on all sides, composed in MS Word with references of APA Style. The paper should be in English language only.

A declaration by the author(s) should be made separately that the paper(s) has/have not been sent elsewhere for publication/accepted for publication/submitted for publication/published (in the Copyright form attached herewith) and (Scanned copy to be sent with the paper).

The decision of the Editorial team will be intimated to the first author in due course of time. You can keep track of where your book is in the publication process in real-time by signing up for notifications alerting you of all the critical stages, including when your book is published online and ready to share with the research community. A hard copy will be sent to you through courier.


Author(s) must declare that the work described in the paper is original and no part of it has been copied or taken from other sources without necessary permissions. Authors must send acknowledgment for Manuscript/paper that it has been published anywhere in any publication (in any language) and not presently under consideration for publication/presentation any where in any form of publication.


Submitted paper must be plagiarism free. Author(s) shall be sole responsible for plagiarism detected in their paper. The chapter/paper contains no statement which is defamatory, abusive or is in violation of any existing law.


All View and Opinion expressed in book are the sold responsibility of authors concerned, Neither the Editors nor the Publisher can in anyway, be held responsible for them.